A question of size

Big is best. Big cars (for a mid-life crisis or for carrying a family), big breasts (as air-bags for said big car), big bonuses (to pay for said big car and big breasts) and generally big amounts of food, sex, alcohol, love and happiness. But is big always the best? Not when it comes to male fertility, experts now believe.

Instead of believing that a guy invested with a schlong that would make a donkey wince in envy would be the most productive of fathers, women should instead look for guys with a large 'anogenital distance' between their anus and their bottom of their scrotum, Reuters reports. The bigger the distance, the more babies a girl can expect. Even if she does think the sex isn't all that great.

Shanna Swan of the University of Rochester Medical Center, and co-author of this research highlights the advantages of having such an easy fertility test:

'It's non-invasive and anybody can do it, and it's not sensitive to the kinds of things that sperm count is sensitive to, like stress or whether you have a cold or whether it's hot out,' [she] said in a telephone interview.

'If somebody's got a short AGD, particularly if they have problems conceiving, I would say get to the infertility doctor, because the chances are good that something is wrong.'

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