Big IQ = sensational sperm

Thought the strong silent, bit thick but fit type, would be the obvious choice for man with the strongest sperm? Then you'd be wrong. Turns out nerdy brainiacs are packing the biggest punch in the sperm department according to new findings on the link between sperm and intelligence.

Egg heads from the Kings College London and The University of New Mexico have found a definitive link between the IQ level of men and the strength and quality of their manjuice. The findings, based on the sperm and intelligence samples of 425 Vietnam Ward vets in 1985 showed that traditional vices such as smoking, drinking and laziness were offset by intelligence - and that the higher a man scored on an IQ test, the higher and better his sperm count tended to be.

The boffins say the correlation between IQ and manmuck can most likely be explained by the overall better health of the cleverer man. People with higher IQs are likely to be more clued up about their health and to make lifestyle choices which benefit their overall longevity and powers of procreation. Daily jogging while reading the Observer should do it.

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