Big deal (or no deal)

Do you ever watch TV game-shows and wonder what the contestants really get up to when they’re not on the telly? No, neither do we. But, in a fascinating insight into the lives of TV quizaholics, a contestant from hit show Deal or No Deal, fronted by Noel Edmonds, has been outed as a porn star.

Jeanette Burton gave her profession as ‘photographer’ when she applied to be on the Channel 4 show, but newshounds from The Sun have revealed that the 37-year-old also runs her own subscription website selling X rated videos of herself.

A source said: ‘No one could believe it when she turned up on the show dressed very demurely in a blouse and tank top, smiling with Noel. She has racked up quite a following online but she doesn't seem quite so keen to share it with the TV viewers.’

Jeanette at first denied making blue flicks but later said they could have been private ones from a stolen laptop. The po-faced photographer added: ‘I know nothing about this site. I have nothing to do with this.’

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