Big boobs online

Online encyclopaedia Wikipedia has launched a directory listing women who are famous for their large breasts. To feature on the site women must have breasts which are size DD or larger and stars such as Pamela Anderson, the late Lolo Ferrari (labelled as the ‘woman with the largest breasts in the world’) and our own Katie Price (aka Jordan) feature on the list. 

A company source reports: “We were getting so many searches for these women that we decided to set up a single-hit listing of web-surfers' favourite busty ladies. It's every computer geek's dream come true – definitely one of Wikipedia's breast, I mean best, assets.” (Ha-ha.)

So instead of typing in ‘big-breasted star’ and sifting through thousands of results to try to find their favourite busty lady, they just need to go to Wikipedia. What better use for the online encyclopaedia? We do wonder, though, how these ladies feel about being labelled as famous for their boobies, rather than their sparkling personalities and acting talents.

(Image: from YouTube)

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