Big Blog Blunder

Search engines aside, a blog can never be taken as gospel, even though bloggers take what they believe are undisputed facts, true-to-life accounts and anecdotes and make them into consummable news material. What is posted on the internet is all too often seen as credible.

Which is where one particular US blog, called 'Above the Law', came undone. It believed that Chicago-based lawyer Meanith Huon was a rapist, having sexually assaulted or harassed three different women, the stories of which the blog's author, Elie Mystal, had found using Google, Forbes reveals.

Although accused of sexual assault and unlawful restraint by a woman previously, Huon had been found 'not guilty' but it was this story that Mystal assumed was three different accounts, i.e., a very bad track record.

'Huon filed suit on May 6 in a federal district court in Illinois, claiming that an erroneous blog post has caused him emotional distress, destroyed his reputation and hurt his ability to find employment.'

'What Mystal failed to make clear — apparently because he didn’t realize it — was that all three articles were about the same incident and victim. (The victim alleged that Huon harassed her over the internet after the initial assault.)'

It now appears that Huon is attempting to sue everyone involved in the libellous ordeal, including the Madison Country police officers involved in his arrest and 'Above the Law''s manager, to the incredible tune of $130m and $50m respectively.

A name is an expensive thing to protect, it seems.

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