Big bangs!

Does wearing rubber clothing make you all hot and sweaty? Probably – but does it turn you on? If it does, we’ve found perhaps the perfect thing for you. A whole range of women’s clothing made entirely out of balloons. Ooooh!

American artist Steven Jones makes everything from sexy underwear to wedding dresses out of the floaty toys. So, if you like the feel of rubber on skin, perhaps you’d like to try these out. Imagine the squeaky sounds as you and your partner got down to some hot balloon-loving. But be careful not to go at it too hard or the balloons might POP!

And even if rubber isn’t your fetish, these balloons might still appeal to you on a more practical level. If, thanks to that crazy thing called gravity, your cleavage has seen better, higher days, fill your balloon bra with helium for an instant lift. Perfect.

(Image: from BrokenBat’s flickr stream)

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