Bible Pride

Thank God for 'Freedom of Speech'. That's what the majority of US citizens hopefully think, having some faith in the fact that their country will uphold their right to express their personal opinions, no matter how extreme. But at one school in America, teachers have caused recent controversy by allowing students to wear 'straight pride' t-shirts with quotes from the bible that advocate that homosexuals should be executed.

Jezebel website informs us that at the St. Charles North High School in Illinois, various pupils, who decided to wear t-shirts with the quote: 'If a man lay with a male as those who lay with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination and shall surely be put to DEATH' weren't disciplined as an example of people being able to express their opinions freely.

'One unnamed official's words explained that the students weren't punished because the incident was a way to show kids that 'while there are two sides to an issue, you can hold onto your side of the issue and advocate it, but you also have to be respectful of people who hold the opposite opinion.''

One could argue that infringing on someone's right to exist and not be executed should be protected by the US constitution...we're just saying.

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