Bi the power vested in me

When Made in Chelsea's long-haired lover from SW3 Ollie Locke made the 'shock' revelation that he is bisexual, boys and girls with a penchant for wafty fops in cashmere rejoiced throughout the land. But, he says, it wasn't an easy thing to do:

'When the show started, I had no intention of coming out to the world. But as time passed and feelings changed, it started to become obvious that Gabriella and I were not working. I thought very hard about whether I should 'come out' to everyone, and then I had to think about whether I would want to put it on camera. When you are put in a position of possible 'notoriety', you find yourself in front of thousands of people and suddenly your ideas and opinions are heard by the whole country. If you could help one person out there who is struggling with life and make it better, in my eyes it’s a very small bullet to take myself.'

And there was us thinking that the glamorous world of 'structured reality' shows was all a pre-planned and carefully scripted campaign to generate viewing figures. Cynics that we are.

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