Did he get the Green Light?

Live on stage, with her medusa-like bangs, churning pelvic & hip movements and legs that would give Tina Turner a run for her money, Beyoncé hardly looks like the type of girl who isn't in touch with her sexy side...despite the background in gospel choir singing! However, the 'Single Ladies' and 'Crazy in Love' singer has recently suggested that she was a virgin before she met husband and fellow R&B star Jay-Z.

Whilst other singers are only to happy to air their dirty laundry in public, and make a fast buck or three off the back of tabloid speculation, Mrs.Z has always kept fairly schtum about the early days when she was still just a Destiny's Child, Media Take Out tells us.

'People would be surprised as to the lack of experiences I've had,' she says. 'When I was 12, 13 I had my first boyfriend, and he was my boyfriend till I was 17. At that age, that was a long time. I've always been very loyal and a little more mature. Though I was too young for it to really be a boyfriend - we didn't live together, we didn't, you know...That was my only experience with a guy, and since then I've only had one other boyfriend in my life - Jay.'

If there were too many pre-marital experiences, it would all just be one big 'Deja-vu' for Beyoncé, surely!

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