Bunga bunga bungles

He may have become the disgrace of his country's women and girls who believe that there country should not have become the pariah of and playground of moguls and businessmen who like to indulge in prostitution and womanising. He may simultaneously have become the pride of his countrymen, who still can't quite believe that a 74 year old man is head of their country, a multi-billionaire and also is able to keep it up (possibly with the help of some small blue pills.) Either way, Berlusconi certainly won't be making a quiet exit from politics, if he ever leaves!

But whilst his trial continues to find evidence of his soliciting the advances of an under-age prostitute, as well as perverting the course of justice (amongst other things), the aged, badana-sporting premier still has time to make quips about his foibles whilst discharging his civic duties, the Huffington Post reveals.

'The 74-year-old premier was handing out prizes to a dozen promising young college graduates in the courtyard of his Rome offices Friday when he congratulated two young women for their accomplishments.'

'Congratulations, you are so great. I'm thinking of inviting you to 'bunga bunga,'' Berlusconi quipped, as his seemingly exasperated youth minister Georgia Meloni looked away.'

Berlusconi went on to criticise those dressed less smartly than himself, those who were balding and those who sported facial hair. Funnily enough, he didn't have much time to comment on the character of the people he met. It might have been a case of pot-premier calling the kettle black, red, green and white.

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