Berlusconi acts the stallion

If you were the Prime Minister would you blow public money by buying a new fishpond for your garden or would throw a massive, Playboy style party in your Sardinian villa? Come on you're British, you'd go for the fishpond.

Well Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi did the latter and is now in hot water over photos of the risque bash which looks like an average afternoon round at Hugh Heffner's. There's even an ageing permatanned man with his John Thomas out, believed to be the former Czech PM Mirek Topolanek.

Asked why there were so many naked beauties in his home, Silvio quipped: "Well do you take a shower in a jacket and tie? These are people bathing in a jacuzzi inside a private house meant for guests."

Fortunately Berlusconi also has Italian actress and party guest Imma Di Ninni to defend him. “He is an expert in botany” she said of the playboy PM after claiming that he'd done little more than show topless guests round his extensive gardens. Heff, have you seen this, are you getting worried?

Click here to see the pics.

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