One mother of a day!

It's one of the times of the year when petrol stations up and down the country are at their busiest when husbands realise that tomorrow is Mother's Day and they haven't bought anything for their wife. Will a shrivelled bunch of yellow carnations and a cheap Hallmarks card be enough to save your marriage?

According to the Yahoo website, it seems that there's a sharp increase in women logging on to websites where wives can find lovers the day after receiving a minimal amount of gifts/affection from their husbands on this special day. Websites such as Ashley Madison report that last year after Mother's Day, a record-breaking '31,427 women signed up'.

'According to the New York Post, the day following Mother’s Day is the second most popular day women start cheating—or at least looking to cheat. The number one day, as if you hadn’t guessed, is Valentine’s Day. Women who stray aren’t necessarily looking for sensational sex. They just want to be appreciated.'

Maybe stationers should sell boxes with sets of cards for every occasion for husbands around the world. Enough cards in each collection to keep your marriage going until your Silver Anniversary perhaps?

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