Behind closed doors

Nothing can shock a community quite like the last of its sexual taboos being broken. We're at once horrified and yet puzzled about how such incidents can occur within a society with rules and a structure about sexual conduct, honed by years of parenting, social guidelines and norms. The community of Columbia however will have to take some time to process one recent relationship which has left many reeling.

David Epstein, 46, a professor at Columbia University was recently arrested after it was revealed that he had been having a three year relationship with 24 year old daughter, Jezebel reports. The affair, Epstein was currently married to a colleague at Columbia, was apparently consensual, despite questions being raised over whether incest is ever inherently consensual due to the dynamics of the parent-child relationship.

'Even if the child is grown up, like Epstein's daughter, there's an inherent power imbalance — not to mention the psychological damage a parent can do by replacing familial love with sex. The state of New York agrees that incest is never okay — if convicted, Epstein could spend four years in jail.'

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