The public gives a four X!

Jokes were made when the Lord of the Rings: 'The Return of the King' film was released. Many saw something a little dodgy in Frodo and Sam's close relationship and their quest for the 'ring'... Men and other men can never be close it seems, in the same way two women are (or how men would like two women to be!) Should straight blokes be taking notes from the comedy 'I love you, man', on bromance and other tricky subjects?

From that film but maybe not from a controversial new beer advert for Aussie brand Fosters, which makes funnies out of one hetero man's ultimate fear of rubbing sun-tan cream into his mate's back, Pinknews tells us. Fearful of being seen as gay, he enlists the help of two aussie men who help him by reinforcing gay stereotypes, it seems.

'In the ad, Dean seeks advice from Australian duo, Brad and Dan, on how to deal with his friend, who has just asked him 'to rub sun cream on his back'. [The pair] give some final pointers: 'Remember Deano, the following things are not permitted: eye contact, scented candles, power ballads, and do not apply if he’s wearing budgie smugglers [aka speedos].'

Youtube has been ablaze with public condemnation: 'This fear is exactly what this advert taps into. Funny? Depends on how important you think it is that gay men should be able to respect themselves', one user commented.

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