Bed, breakfast and a peeping Tom

Most lodges and bed and breakfasts usually guarantee you a good night's sleep and the promise of not being disturbed whilst you relax and unwind on your holiday, commute or travels. For previous guests at the Rosebank Guesthouse in Perth, the one disturbance they definitely would not have wanted to receive would have been the presence of their landlord spying on them whilst they had sex.

James Stratton, 67, installed motion detector cameras in numerous rooms and hall-ways within his guesthouse for the express purpose of recording dodgy footage that he could watch in the privacy of his own garden shed, the Sun Online reveals.

One lodger managed to persuade her brother, who was an electrician to investigate the strange noises that her smoke detector was making, and discovered the camera. More were found in the other rooms which eventually led to Stratton's arrest.

Having been tried before the Perth Sheriff court, Stratton was charged with multiple offences, including 'conducting himself in a disorderly manner, installing covert video cameras, recording devices and viewing monitors within bedrooms used by lodgers and other rooms and outbuildings.' 'He also admitted recording and monitoring the activities of female and male lodgers without their knowledge or consent, in various states of undress and engaged in private sexual acts, and breaching the peace.'

We think that Big Brother hasn't been as entertaining this year, as it has been in previous years.

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