Bare ballot

The American electoral process is in full swing and the politicians are using every trick in the book to win over the voters. But there’s another way some may want to try out. Flashing a bit of flesh…

A survey reveals 38% of singles say their vote is influenced by the candidate’s appearance. So, sprucing yourself up a bit and wearing a nice suit really could help you, but maybe they should take things a little further. Apparently, a whopping 79% of single men want to see Hillary Clinton naked. Out of lust or morbid curiosity, we ask? Then a slightly less significant 35% of women want to see Barak Obama strip.

C’mon Hills, give the people want they want. Any self-respecting president will do anything for their country. Don’t let your fellow Americans down, love.

(Image: from veni markovski’s flickr stream)

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