Plastic fantastic

She's had more career changes than the average working girl (who's human) could physically manage and arguably has more accessories than an entire chain of department stores can hold. She's an icon and every girls dream... under the age of 10. Yes Ladies and Gentleman, Barbie's back better than ever and this time, she's single and available.

Mattel, the company responsible for the multi-million dollar Barbie franchise recently decided that the plastic blonde supermodel-looking stewardess/dentist/mum of two etc., was ready for a bit of wooing, since her last break-up in 2004, Jezebel reveals. And her main suitor? None other than Ken. There's a surprise!

'On Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, fans can follow Ken's adventures as he attempts to woo Barbie back into his arms. His tweets are currently heavy on promoting his romantic efforts, including a text campaign, where users can text THUMBS UP or THUMBS DOWN to 51684 to vote on whether the two love birds should get friendly again.'

'He also keeps his stream focused with his manly man style, tweeting about his favorite sports team, the Lakers, and his most recent reads in Men's Health and Esquire.'

But will Mattel make a story out of what Ken has been up to in the meantime whilst being single? Is there a 'drunk at the pub again' playset on the cards? A 'Lapdance club' Barbie set maybe?

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