Bankers get busted in raids on brothels

It's more a case of 'London Vice' rather than 'Miami Vice' as police launch Operation Monaco which sees hundreds of brothels in London's financial district shut-down and prostitutes and bankers alike arrested, the News of the World reports.

As policemen surged into the many shady establishments dotted around the capital's square-mile, many businessmen were literally caught with their pants down as police decided to clean up the well-known disreputable areas of the city.

'One whizzkid was caught with his trousers still round his ankles. Another high-flyer leapt out of a window to escape being collared among foreign prostitutes wielding kinky sex toys', eye-witnesses reveal. Another client was a seventy-two year old lecturer who claimed to be on his way to classes.

As well as nicking these johns on their way to work or home to their families, police also arrested many sex-workers themselves, including 'a madam in fluffy white slippers and two hookers - an American and a Russian charging £150 an hour.'

With rates like those, it sounds like London was well on its way to beating the recession. What a way to spend a banker's bonus!

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