Ban the bad manga

The japanese manga and anime genres would be defined (by some) by the gravity-defying nature of the breasts that adorn the million super-heroines and schoolgirls of its comic-book pages and tv screens. Others would readily comment on the raunchy innuendos and power-play relationships between characters (not to mention the over-sized guns and weaponry: spot a theme here?)

However, Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara has decided to clamp down on illicit storylines in both genres by particularly prohibiting the sale of material depicting rape and incest to under eighteen year-olds. It's a bid that's been met with anger from the industry which is threatening to boycott the next Tokyo International Anime Fair in protest, the Huffington Post reveals.

'It's the conscience of the Japanese,' Ishihara told reporters after the vote. 'You cannot possibly show such things to your own children.' Earlier this year, Ishihara failed to restrict material that depicts apparent underage sex.

Commentators have speculated that making these kinds of storylines available only to adults will cripple the industry, whilst artists and writers themselves believe that the bill proposing to restrict the material will limit their freedom of expression.

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