Bad boy Tiger's secret love-child

It seems Tiger Woods' bad-boi persona will be following him around for many years to come, namely in the shape of a secret son. One of his former mistresses and a pornstar in the US, Devon James, claims that the golfing superstar fathered a child after a night of 'dirty' sex with her and an unnamed woman.

James claims the attraction started when she met Woods as a teenager in 2000, attending a good old 'Christian' school. During a night of carnal delights, where Woods reportedly paid $2000 to each of the women, Austin T James was conceived, although Woods apparently only found out about his existence in 2006. Devon also claims that Woods had slept with her before.

A source close to James, who spilled all to the Daily Mail says that, 'she knows he is the father of her son because he is the only African-American man she dated at that time'. The 'T' initial of her son's name apparently acts as a symbolic reminder of his parentage.

This begs the question - could you spell out the alphabet from the initials of Woods' various mistresses and love-children? Innocent or guilty, he's certainly not out of the Woods yet.

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