Bad Boots!

A Boots advert has escaped a ban despite numerous complaints. The Boots Expert moisturising nipple cream was said to project a negative image of breastfeeding by implying that sore nipples were normal when breastfeeding. In fact, this is normally due to incorrect breastfeeding.

The adverts feature a woman wincing in pain holding her suckling baby at arms length. Her breast is also in turn being stretched to arms length because of the ‘strong sucking action’ of the little ‘un. What were they supposed to put on cream for sore nipples? The woman buying it already knows how it feels, so there’s no point telling her otherwise. The complainants thought that the ad would discourage women from breastfeeding and should therefore be banned.

In that case, we had better make sure we portray labour in a good light, or women might stop doing that too!

So what’s labour like? A quick push and “pop” it’s done. Give the newborn a quick wipe and off you go back home. Well, hardly. But you know, for the sake of the human race, a little white lie’s ok… right?

(Image: from Nabeel H’s flickr stream)

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