Axe to grindr

A prankster has been posing as George Michael on a gay dating website in Australia.

Our George has been relaxing in Sydney for the past month, to escape the largely negative press he attracts in Britain over his lifestyle choices.

But one wag has decided to use the troubled star’s profile on gay hook up site ‘Scruff’, which describes itself as being for ‘bears, furred, inked, uniformed, jocks, geeks and more,’ and promises users that they will be able to hook up with ‘hundreds of scruffy gay guys in your neighbourhood.’

The ‘Scruff’ iPhone link basically works like contact site ‘Grindr’, by using the iPhone’s global satellite positioning system to contact with other users in the same area.

A spokesperson for George yesterday said: ‘We hear about stories like this all the time and they always turn out to be pranks.’

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