Authorities in F***ing clamp down on frisky tourists

The local council in the Austrian town of F***ing have decided to install CCTV to deter a large number of tourists from carrying out a tribute to the rural hamlet's unfortunate moniker.

Metro reports that the village has become a favourite port of call for visitors who film themselves getting it on in front of the road signs with 'F***ing' emblazoned all over them.

A disgruntled resident of the town vented their spleen: 'I'm sure each of them think they're the first to think of it, but believe me they're not. We've grown very tired of it and we're doing something about it.'

The F***ing resident continued: 'We are a very traditional community and we find this sort of public display shocking.' The local authorities are hoping that the CCTV system will put an end to visitors taking the f***ing mickey out of the town.

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