Australian Police Minister resigns in sex scandal

Now there’s being all cock sure and confident and wanting to impress your new colleagues when you start a new job, and there’s being a bit informal in the workplace. And there’s really taking it waaaaaaaay too far.

And, a little bit unsurprisingly, someone’s really pushed the limit in Australia. NSW Police Minister Matt Brown was sacked only three days – yes, three days – into his quite important job, after he admitted being part of a raucous party in parliament house where he got half-naked, had a dance around and then ‘simulated a sex act on a female MP’, according to The Australian newspaper.

Read on – it gets really good…

People who were watching from balcony between the offices where the party was in full erm, swing, said they saw Brown gyrating on a sofa wearing ‘very brief underpants to techno-style music.’

Brilliant, but there’s more…

Allegedly the ex-Police Minister then climbed onto Wollongong MP Noreen Hay and then turned to her daughter and said, "Look at this, I'm titty f****** your mother."

And it gets even better…

To make this story even more interesting, even though Brown has admitted his antics, Hay, the female MP linked to the lewd fun has denied any involvement, her defence being that there were better looking ladies there than her. ‘I don't want to do myself any disservice here, but there are a number of very attractive young women in that parliament and to suggest that Matt Brown would do something like that particularly with me is ridiculous.’

Didn’t help though. The Prime Minister still told Brown to give his job back.

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