Australian blow up doll thief fined

An Australian man who broke into a sex shop in Cairns and stole a number of inflatable sex dolls has been fined and given a warning. Adam Rosberg entered the sex shop in the middle of the night before stealing the pneumatic sex toys, some jazz mags and a few bottles of lube.

But the 24-year-old told the court that his crime wasn't motivated by sexual frustration, boasting that he enjoyed a healthy sex life with his girlfriend. "I have a girlfriend and our sex life is pretty good, pretty healthy," Rosberg said.

The defendant was quizzed on whether he and his girlfriend used blow up dolls to spice up their bedroom antics to which he replied no, painting himself as just a normal guy: "She knows me and knows I'm a just a normal person and that this is something I wouldn't normally do."

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