Aussie pole-dancer in running for senate

It definitely knocks the socks off the Green Party or the Monster Raving Loony party: Australians will soon be able to vote with their pants as well as their heads at this month's elections for the senate as pole-dancer-cum-stripper Zahra Stardust campaigns to set up the country's first 'sex party', the Sun Online reveals.

Zahra, whose real name is Marianne Leishman, will hopefully be representing the New South Wales area, and has been doing pole-dancing performances in the street, as well as handing out condoms with instructions on how to vote.

More than just a (ahem) pretty face, Marianne, who is also a paralegal at a well-known law firm in Sydney, would like to see her party 'address the sexual needs of Australia in the 21st Century [which would] include improving sex education in schools and legalising gay marriage.'

However, after a few tinnies at the polling booths, many Australians might be a little confused as to whether they should mark their papers with one X or three.

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