A Sunderland woman has been fined £200 and given an Asbo after her mammoth and incredibly noisy sex sessions with her husband caused her neighbours to call Environmental Health on them.

Naughty 47-year-old minx Caroline Cartwright was found guilty of breaching an abatement notice (that's she was told to stop rutting so noisily in legal speak) after 25 of her neighbours complained about the weird sounds her and Steve make during their romps, which carry on for three hours at a time.

'It is sounds of a sexual nature, really loud, a lot of moaning and groaning and screaming as if in pain,' said an annoyed busybody, while landlord Anne Dimmock claimed that she thought it was 'domestic violence'. Amazingly they stopped a partially-deaf neighbour from getting a good night's kip in two whole years because of the Cartwright's squealing. You've got to be pleased with yourself if you're Mr Cartwright, right?

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