Arsene Wenger refuses to take rap for lover

A French rapper is allegedly having a tough time getting over an alleged affair with the Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger. Allegedly.

Friends of the rapper, Sonia Tatar, 39, say she is ’very depressed’ after her appeals for Wenger to leave his wife fell on deaf ears.

With his team faltering, the Arsenal manager already had a lot on his plate when their fling was exposed following a secret rendez-vous between the pair at a Paris airport last week.

Underfire Arsene is currently riding the storm at his London home with wife Annie, 53, and daughter Leah, 13.

Sonia has been signed off work sick. A friend said: ‘All Sonia wanted was to settle down. Now she has some deeply serious problems to sort.’ Arsene, 61, last night refused either to attack the comments or go on the defensive like the Arsenal of old. Playing with a straight bat he said they were ‘without any truth’.

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