Arse Electronica conference gets under way in San Francisco

Arse Elektonica, a three-day conference exploring the role of technology in sex, gets underway today in San Francisco. The event will showcase a number of new sex machines which use advances in technology to help you get your rocks off.

Wired reports that among the items on show there is a 'licking' machine complete with silcon tongue, a sex toy which vibrates according to seismic activity, and the obligatory range of the latest sexbots. The convention will also host a conference entitled 'science f*cktion', which will explore the role of pornography in sci-fi literature.

Other events include talks on alien sex and technofetishes. If that sounds like your bag and you can tear yourself away from hotrobots.com for two minutes you might want to get your behind over to Arse Electronica before it's too late.

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