Arouse your inner earlobe

Here’s what we’ve already learned from Mark A Micheals, author of a new book, The Essence of Tantric Sexuality:

1. Tantra can take sex to a new level:
“For any couple the Tantric approach to relating is radically different from the conventional model. By treating one’s partner as an object of reverence and the relationship itself as a collaboration, a profound shift in consciousness can take place, one that leads to powerful bonding.”

2. The big secret = prolonging arousal
“The secret lies in building arousal, going almost to the point of no return, and then pulling the energy up into the body. In Tantric lovemaking, it’s important to bring the whole body into the experience. We often refer to a conventional orgasm, which involves only a limited physical area, as a genital sneeze.

3. Understand your partner’s erogenous zones – all three types
“The primaries are obvious, the lips, mouth, breasts, nipples, and the genitals. The secondaries are a little more obscure – the nape of the neck and the earlobe to name a couple – while many of the tertiaries may seem even more surprising – the thumb and little finger.

“When using this system, you begin by stimulating a secondary zone, then a primary, then a secondary, then a tertiary, and then a primary. The idea is to build arousal systematically and intentionally. Once you’ve learned to work with the zones in a formal way, you can improvise.”

Hmm – reminds us of that Friends episode where Monica teaches Chandler how to pleasure an ex of Joey’s with a simple diagram and a sequence of numbers. Mind you, it worked so well the girl came rushing in to thank Monica personally…

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