Are you bursting with 'erotic capital'?

Another piece of drivel dressed up as academic analysis has dropped into our laps, this time from the London School of Economics, no less. Apparently, to make our way in life only those who have 'erotic capital' will succeed. Now we know what you're thinking, but fear not, it's not merely about looks. Criteria for 'erotic capital' also include 'sexual competence' and erm, 'liveliness'.

According to the eminent sociologist who came up with this nonsense well researched theory: 'Increasingly, in our affluent, service-based society, people are becoming aware that those things do matter. Attractive salespeople are going to sell much more. It's not that ugly people never get roles, but that attractive people tend to have a bigger choice of roles to play. Attractive men, too, tend to get better jobs, marry well, make more friends and earn more money. The point about Erotic Capital is that both sexes warm to people who have it.'

'Other EC bombs include Carla Bruni, the Beckhams, Cheryl Cole, Simon Cowell - they've all achieved success by using their innate social intelligence to build on what they were born with, and turn ordinary into extraordinary.'

One reason for the success of the so-called 'EC bombs' that goes unmentioned is a little tool called PR, spin or marketing. As one astute commentator put it, 'not so much erotic capital but more the inertia capital of the masses.' Hear hear!

Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to brush up on our 'liveliness' skills, we've got a job interview next week.

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