Apple of my expensive i

Apple: the deadly offering made by Eve in the Garden of Paradise to tempt Adam and offer him unlimited knowledge and perception: an offer sugar-coated by her feminine wiles for which both sexes suffered immeasurably. Apparently.

Nowadays the multi-billion dollar technology company is offering a tantalising electronic morsel to all men and women eager to be seduced once again by sex, but more importantly by cash. Possibly in exchange for cash.

The latest application to emerge from Steve Jobs' bizarrely-regulated empire is the 'Sugarsugar' app, which allows men and women to be matched together, depending on how much cash a man wants to splash out on for his bit on the side, Digital Life on Today tells us.

Remarkably, the invention of the app doesn't transgress any of Apple's strict moral regulations on the overall objective of any application, which should never seek to promote criminal or overtly sexual behaviour. Many would argue this eWidget does both:

'Given that there are three guidelines which the Sugar Sugar app nearly violates, one which it might violate in some locales, and one which it most certainly violates by promoting prostitution — behavior which qualifies as criminal in many places — [we would] assume that Apple would flat out reject it right away.'

Next up may come an application that allows you to pretend your marriage certificate is null and void, employing state-of-the-art photoshop abilities. Or for eTagging your mates as they make their drunken way into the nearest house of ill repute after a drinking session in Soho.

A family firm? Surely not.

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