Anti-groper strap

It’s not just women on the busy Tokyo underground who travel in fear, since on-train groping has become commonplace in Japan’s capital. Now men too are quaking in their boots. No, not because they are being felt up by awful old men, but because they are being falsely accused of the crime.

Although groping is a widespread and disturbing problem, sometimes it’s hard not to touch each other when you are packed in like sardines. It’s because of this that many men are being accused of groping.

However, the industrious Japanese have come up with a clever solution to solve this problem. Portable straps. They clip onto the train, to provide support to hold onto while travelling. No longer will you be accused of groping, when reaching over a lady to grab onto the handrail. So grab your groper straps, to stop those false accusations. In Japan.

(Image: from neepster’s flickr stream)

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