Another scientific revelation about sex

It seems scientists never tire of doing ‘research’ about sex. Just when you thought another revelation about male-female reproduction unlikely, up pops a team from Wayne State University, Detroit, claiming to have found the answer to one burning question that remains - that of why women, sometimes, just don’t feel like making love.

The eureka moment occurred when the U.S. scientists compared the brains of 19 women suffering from low libido with the brains of seven women with a ‘normal’ sex drive.

They were then asked to watch porn films followed by a blank screen, while the scientists examined their brains using MRI scans.

The study found that during the sex scenes, the women with a normal sex drive had an increased flow of blood to parts of their brain while those with low libido did not have any increase in blood flow.

So next time you want to have a sexy time but your female partner claims she’s not feeling it, don’t take it personally.

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