Another celebrity strip

The stars just can’t seem to keep their clothes on. Two days ago we saw Paris Hilton stripping for her birthday, then it was Lindsay Lohan being a naked Marilyn Monroe, now it’s actor Matthew McConaughey taking off his clothes for a TV ad. Matthew, famous for his naked bongo playing, is advertising the new fragrance by Dolce & Gabbana and putting his naturist tendencies to good use!

So here’s how the story goes. Matt pulls up in a car and is being relentlessly snapped by the paps, so he dashes into his hotel to escape all this awful media attention. But silly Mr McConaughey forgets to lock all the doors behind him. The photographers, obviously sensing a golden opportunity, all run into his hotel room, where Matty decides to take his shirt off and pose on a chaise-longue. You know, as you do.

Yes, it’s all a bit random, but if you are a fan of Matthew, then who cares? This is exactly what we like – scantily clad celebrities! We wonder who’s next to join the famous flesh fest…

(Image: from YouTube)

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