A meal deal for two

When you're hungry watching tv, waiting for your long-awaited, slab of pizza with three different types of heart-stopping dips and a soggy collection of fries, the last thing you want to see on tv is food porn. You know, those adverts where lashings of cream are casually spilt over a perfectly lit, anatomically impossible cheese-cake, or the crust on a pie bursts forth to reveal tender meat and lick-your-plate gravy. But the phenomenon is what it is, food made pornographic.

However, when porn or specifically sex adverts resemble branding used by a major food and clothing retailer in the UK, the tables (full of sandwiches) are turned. In one such case, Ann Summers, the company that keeps pot-boiling wives' potatoes boiling over, could be taken to court for imitating the Marks and Spencers brand with its new 'Squeal Deal', we learn from the First Post:

'M&S appears far from amused by the ploy and has announced it is taking legal advice. A spokesman told Retail Week: 'Marks & Spencer has built up a great reputation for quality and trust in the hearts and minds of the British public. When we believe these values are being infringed, we do whatever we can to protect our brand.''

The ad features a version of the meal deal that M&S customers can buy cheaply, by offering combinations of lingerie, sex aids and sex toys all for £29. That might just be an effective enough campaign to prevent male workers across the UK from remembering to pick up their lunch.

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