Angelina bares all: beastly in the flesh

Angelina gets stark naked for her new film Beowulf… well kind of. The Oscar-winning actress plays the mother of a monster who strips off to seduce the eponymous warrior.

Jolie says, “[Director Bob Zemeckis] showed me this picture of a woman half-painted gold, and then a lizard. I have kids and I thought, ‘That’s great, it’s so bizarre. I’m going to be this crazy reptilian person’”

The finished product, however, is a far cry from a hideous reptilian monster. Basically, it’s naked Angelina with a tail.  

Although animated, the scene looks very real, making even the former wild child blush. Says Angelina, “I was really surprised that I felt exposed. There are certain moments where I actually felt shy – and called home, just to explain that the fun movie I had done that was a digital animation was, in fact, a little different than we expected.”

The film is released next week and is also in 3D format – so grab those goggles…

(Image: from MrMcKey's flickr stream)

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