And the key to a long life is …

Did you know, that as well as being a enjoyable past-time, sex can also improve everything from your memory to your immune system?

It’s true. And now, reports MailOnline, a new book written by a ‘U.S. anti-ageing expert’ (we dig the job title), claims that it’s also the key to long life.

The book, entitled Younger (Sexier) You, by Dr Eric Braverman, claims that sex raises your hormone ¬levels as well as boosting metabolism, brain function, heart health and immunity.

If you’re in a couple and your love life is flagging, the good doctor Braverman, altruistic as he is, has come up with some helpful tips to restore the ‘umph’ factor.

Drinking coffee apparently does wonders for the libido (well if you can’t get to sleep you may as well) while snacking on peanuts is supposed to increase arousal. Brown rice he says can ward off sexual coldness, while avocadoes can increase your capacity for pleasure.

So now you know what to pack in your lunch box tomorrow. For singletons fond of the solitary vice there’s good news too - orgasms apparently fight infection, as they ‘increase the number of infection-fighting cells by up to 20 per cent’. Heck, even lusty elders are considered in the doctor’s far-reaching research - sexual activity in older men is though protect against prostate cancer.

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