An affair to forget

A mistress of the golfing great Tiger Woods has come clean on why she had an affair with the star.

Nightclub hostess Rachel Uchitel, 35, was the first of 16 women to claim she had slept with the world famous golfer behind good wife Elin Nordegren’s back.

She apparently first got involved with Tiger Woods to escape the misery brought on by 9/11, in which her fiance Andrew O’Grady was killed.

She was allegedly paid £6million to keep stum on the details, but told a Sunday newspaper she was no a gold-digger: ‘Since I lost Andy, I have always been looking for the perfect man,’ she confided. ‘I plunged headfirst into relationships which I should never have been in.’

So if you’re ever asked what golf star Tiger Woods and George Bush’s war on terror have in common, you’ll know the answer.

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