American town plagued by Butt Bandit

The sleepy Midwest community of Valentine in Nebraska is being plagued by a vandal called the Butt Bandit. Striking after dark, the unidentified male has been rubbing his naked, oiled buttocks and groin all over shop windows in the small town.

The Butt Bandit's dirty protest started over a year ago. Since then shop owners, caretakers and residents have been faced with the weekly chore of cleaning greasy bum prints from their windows. So far police in Valentine have been unable to capture the arse bandit as he has yet to be caught in the act.

One surefire way to identify the Butt Bandit would be to take bum prints of the town's 2,650 residents and then match them to the marks left by the oily felon. Just imagine the police chief trying to explain that one to the good townspeople of Valentine!

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