AA allegations

American Apparel. As a brand, it's 'no logo' origins allows the US high-street chain to portray itself as the opposite of a fashion trend-setter, stores where kids can just buy and wear whatever they like, and hang out/reject norms of style, expensive taste and pretense. However, recently, the chain has received bad press due to the naked models being used in its ad campaigns and also for a harassment case being launched against Don Charney, AA's Chairman and CEO.

A former employee claims that Don abused her verbally, making threats that she would lose her job if she didn't sleep with him on her 18th birthday, Perez Hilton reveals. Reluctantly, the employee claims she visited Don in his apartment on her birthday and was forced to become his sex slave for the day:

'The suit claims once she was inside the apartment Dov 'dragged her to the bedroom, threw her on the bed, got on top of her and forced her to perform [an] act of fellatio, nearly suffocating her in the process.' He then went on to hold the girl captive for a few hours and made her perform even more sexual acts.'

Somehow sleazy sex acts don't go so well with a brand that depicts teenagers in states of undress and provocative abandon. Time to rethink and rebrand, from the adverts up to the execs maybe.

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