We've become a little agist in our modern-day attitude to sex: young girls are being sexualised through clothing lines more suited to pubescent teens & easy access to the internet means more exposure to dubious websites. However, we seem to forget the other end of the spectrum: wrinkly loving. Maybe that's because no-one wants to imagine their parents as sexually active, much less their grandparents!

And yet, we seem to be living longer and longer, thanks to advances in healthcare and good living conditions which means more time not working for more nookie. America's Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are considering not just the current HIV screening for elderly people but also the full suite of STD checks as well, we learn from MSNBC. A good thing too!

'Nearly 39 million Americans age 65 and older are covered under the insurance program as well as 7.6 million disabled. Public health experts say early screening and preventive care can cost less in the long run by avoiding complications that can arise from delayed treatment. In this case, it could also help prevent the spread of infection to others.'

The last thing you want is to get 'the clap' when you can barely clap yourself!

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