Amanda Seyfried’s Halloween hook up

Amanda Seyfried was caught trying to escape a Halloween do with Reese Witherspoon’s ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe.

As the pair drove into the night following a party at Kate Hudson’s LA home, the actress, 24, tried to hide from celeb hungry paparazzi lenses, but alas to no avail – her dog costume giving the game away.

Newly single Amanada has been busy filming I’m Mortal with Justine Timberlake, while former Mr Witherspoon Ryan Phillippe is also a free agent.

The pair had been celebrating Halloween with A-list stars aplenty at Hudson's Pacific Palisades home, including Nicole Richie and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Celeb watchers claim that Phillippe dropped the star off at her LA home on Sunday afternoon.

However, according to E Online, the pair were not seen hanging out inside the party.

'I didn't see Ryan with Amanda at all,' one loose lipped partygoer said.

'He was wandering around alone most of the night.'

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