Al fresco sex games go wrong

Kinky outdoor sex might sound like a good idea at the time but for one Berkshire couple it prompted an alarm call to the police after worried neighbours witnessed their shenanigans whilst shopping for their fruit and veg.

According to the Metro the couple had chosen what they believed to a secluded spot in the middle of the woods but seemingly failed to notice the Morrisons supermarket carpark situated nearby. When concerned shoppers noticed a naked woman tied to a tree they immediately dialled 999 and ten police cars were dispatched to the scene.

The couple quickly realised they had attracted an audience and scarpered before the officers arrived on the scene. A police spokesperson said: 'Thames Valley Police received a call at 10.51am after a member of the public raised concerns over the welfare of a woman they had had seen in woodland begin Morrisons store in Woosehill Court.

'Despite a search of the woodland and the surrounding area the two people could not be found. At this stage there is no evidence that a crime has been committed so there will be no further police action.'

'More reasons to shop at Morrisons' indeed...

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