Affair enough?

A Swedish dating website is causing a stir by challenging married people to spice up their lives by cheating on their partners.

Bus shelters in Stockholm have been adorned with an advert that issues the challenge: ‘Are you married? Liven up your life - have an affair.’ from Norwegian firm Victoria Milan.

The billboards were first seen last Wednesday, and in two days attracted a record number of complaints to Sweden’s advertising watchdog.

But according to Victoria Milan, it’s not just a high number of complaints the company’s attracted since launching the adverts.

’So far our membership numbers and revenues have beat expectations. That shows that the concept works and that there is a large market for this,’ the company's founder and CEO, Sigurd Vedal, told the Dagens Industri newspaper.

The website allows Swedes to find a temporary partner for a small fee, and includes a ‘panic’ button that navigates you away to a less dodgy website, in case you think you’re about to get sprung.

’I understand that people have a reaction,’ Vegel continued. ‘But we're launching a service for a behaviour that already exists. Our service is an alternative to divorce.’

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