Affair enough?

A local authority in Britain is planning to put the dampener on illicit office romances by compelling its staff to reveal details of romantic dalliances with co-workers in writing to their managers.

Union bosses yesterday accused Fenland District Council of planning an ‘Orwellian dictat’ with its proposal.

‘Any employee who embarks on a close personal relationship with a colleague working in the same team must declare the relationship to his/her manager in writing,’ the draft policy on relationships at work read, adding that details would go on the employees' personal files.

The document went on to warn that ‘intimate behaviour during work time is not acceptable.’

The Trades Union Congress poured scorn on the the proposal. ‘It's quite common for relationships to start in the office, but having to declare your feelings via the HR department is hardly the most romantic way to make a move,’ said Sarah Veale, TUC Head of Employment Rights.

‘While it's important for employers to tackle inappropriate behaviour at work, laying down Orwellian dictats about people's personal lives will simply generate resentment among staff.’

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