Carbon sex print

Most of us have probably heard a lot about green issues and saving the planet - how we can all reduce our carbon footprint to make the earth a better place to live in in the future - but how far do we take green policies seriously? Sheltering in a forest and living off Mother Earth directly? When it comes to sex, how can we stay 'green'? And no, we don't mean having 'free-love' sex parties wearing flowers in your hair.

As tomorrow is 'Earth Day', economists and scientists have been thinking of ways that people can reduce the harm they do to the planet when it comes to all things freaky, the My Pleasure blog reveals. Try following these tips for guilt-free entertainment:

'Look for sex toys that are made of glass, metal, wood, or ceramic as these are all natural materials that will not harm the earth.'

'Forget anything made with petroleum. This includes Vaseline, baby oil, mineral oil and cooking oils. That is just using more fossil fuel. Just because the big oil companies are screwing mother earth does not mean the rest of us have to.'

'Save water by bathing or showering together. This is not only eco-friendly but a sexy way to spend time with your partner.'

Another good suggestion could be to invite lots of people around to your flat/house to have sex altogether, having the lights on in your house for more than just you and your partner. An excuse for an orgy, perhaps...

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