Adultery rulez, okay!

Perjury is considered a very serious offence and we can see why. Lying, when the truth is paramount, kind of defeats the object of the court system. But the Court of Cassation, the highest Italian law court, feels there are a few allowable exceptions…

A strange ruling comes after a woman lied in court about lending her mobile phone to a man with whom she was having an affair.

Her lover, using the phone, sent abusive messages to her husband. But when it all came to court, the woman known as “Carla” denied she even had a lover to lend her phone to. So the texts came out of thin air then…?

The Court of Cassation ruled that women wishing to protect their honour can lie – even in court! So there’s even less chance that you and your bit-on-the-side will get found out! Anyone wanna move to Italy?

We might like to mention though that this high court is made up of elderly male appeal judges who have created even stranger laws. Yes, these are the same guys who ruled that men would be prosecuted if found “ostentatiously” touching their genitals in the street. And perhaps the most laughable is the law that a woman cannot be classed as raped if she is wearing tight jeans. Why? Because the jeans cannot be removed without her consent… Utter nonsense. 

On second thoughts – scrap the move to Italy…

(Image: from Jose Miguel Serrano’s flickr stream)

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