Accidents will happen

A primary school teacher is in severe hot water after showing a class of ten-year-old pupils a porn flick by mistake.

It’s a situation the female teacher will probably have nightmares about for the rest of her life - let down by the spartan facilities at St Helen’s School, Abbotsham, Devon, the unnamed teacher took it upon herself to bring her own video cassette player to class.

But when she tried to show an educational programme, a series of X-rated images flashed on the screen and a couple of porn actors started to get it on – leaving stunned pupils agape.

The teacher, who was only trying to be resourceful in the first place, must have forgotten she’d left the porn film in the video player since the last time it was watched – which was probably some time in 1986.

And once word spread that a blue movie had been shown in class, angered parents saw red: ‘We are absolutely shocked and disgusted to hear about this,’ said one.

We’re sure the kids will be needing therapy for the severe emotional scarring the incident must have provoked.

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