A wicked 2011 fairytale

Whilst this modern-day horror story may not involve evil, giant troll-like monsters killing knights or wicked stepmothers, intent on keeping fair maidens locked away forever, it does come close with one Salt Lake City mother deciding to sell her underage teenage daughter's virginity to an unknown seller named 'Don', Gawker reveals.

Despite having her daughter's consent, the mum, one Felicia Rae McClure, decided to charge the man money to receive photo messages of her daughter dressed up provocatively in lingerie and underwear, in order to get his agreement to the deal.

'McClure was booked on charges of felony aggravated sex abuse of a child and felony sexual exploitation of a minor because she allegedly tried to sell sell her 13-year-old daughter's virginity to a guy named 'Don' for $10,000.'

'Police were alerted to the abuse by McClure's boyfriend, who discovered text messages between her and 'Don' discussing the sale.'

Maybe there can be a happy ending after all for the daughter in question.

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